If you've read our entry on the "About Us" page, you know that one
impetus in our creation of THE COOL CONSERVATIVE is our
resistance to the trend in recent decades for Conservatives and
Republicans to stand by tacitly while the opposition dictates and
defines all the terms of political discourse. No more.
We're defining the terms now.
Toward that end we'll examine a few words and phrases in each

NATIONALISM: The spirit or aspirations common to the whole of a nation,
devotion and loyalty to one's own country; patriotism, excessive patriotism;
chauvinism, the desire for national advancement or political independence
FASCISM: this term was first used by Italian dictator Mussolini in 1919. It
exalts  nation , race or ethnicity above individual rights and freedoms and
stands for a strong autocratic centralized government led by a dictatorial
leader severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression
of opposition, often marked by aggressive and brutal military actions.

SOCIALISM: economic and social system under which essential industries
and social services are publicly and cooperatively owned and
democratically controlled with a view to equal opportunity and equal benefit
for all, seeking to establish a Utopian society.

COMMUNISM: a theory or system of social organization based on the
holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the
community as a whole or to the state.;  a system of social organization in
which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state
dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party,  a theory and
system of social and political organization that was a major force in world
politics for much of the 20th century that sought to overthrow capitalism.

AUTHORITARIANISM: strict and demanding obedience,  favoring strict
rules and established authority;  demanding political obedience: belonging
to or believing in a political system in which obedience to the ruling person
or group is strongly enforced.

TOTALITARIANISM: in political science, system of government and
ideology in which all social, political, economic, intellectual, cultural, and
spiritual activities are subordinated to the purposes of the rulers of a state.
In modern totalitarianism, however, people are made utterly dependent on
the wishes and whims of a political party and its leaders. It is marked by the
creation of an elite ruling class and the total control of media and
communication and total control of all economic and commercial enterprises.

GLOBALISM: A national geopolitical policy in which the entire world is
regarded as the appropriate sphere for a state's influence, a movement
toward the strengthening of the scope and power of world geopolitical and
economic organizations and entities.

OBAMAISM: a political ideology established by President Barack Obama
in 21st century America. A form of totalitarianism, it is also a hybrid,
selecting and rejecting components of other theories. Under Obamaism, as
many as possible aspects of life are brought under government control,
Administration attitudes on social, cultural and religious matters are forced
upon the people, and free enterprise id supplanted by government
controlled businesses and financial institutions. Obamaism is authoritarian
in that it is built around one, all-powerful leader. Although it does share with
FASCISM the tendency to suppress opposition, Obamasim is based in
extreme globalism, viewing the USA only as a small component in a global
government. International military force is therefore considered
counterproductive to world governmental development and is avoided as
completely as possible, with the use of military force being reserved to
achieve domestic order. Although using some of the vernacular of
Socialism and Communism, Obamaism does not seek equal distribution of
wealth and services but distribution to favored groups and the punishment
of others.
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MANDATE: Usually defined as an order or command in the realm of politics
it denotes an election victory What resulted were Obama voters who voter
in some blissful haze of hope but could rarely identify an issue-based
reason. A lot can emerge from a situation like that but a MANDATE isn't one
of them.

SACRIFICE: Used by most of us to indicate giving up something we need or
want for an altruistic purpose. It happens to be an Obama favorite. We are
being told with growing frequency that there will be much sacrifice for us.
Remember that our new President is master at language manipulation.
When he says "sacrifice", which definition is he using. The dictionary
primarily talks about a sacrifice as something offered to a deity or higher
power. Something that is killed on an altar or something that is destroyed or
surrendered for the sake of something else. What is striking about these
definitions is that they do not necessarily involve the approval or
cooperation of the person who sacrifices or is sacrificed. Do not assume
that Obama means a gentle sacrifice of gas usage or something. Couldn't
he just as easily be talking about the destruction of free enterprise and the
surrender of individual rights to produce the welfare state he envisions?

VOTER SUPPRESSION: The Liberal/Dems have made great efforts to
redefine the term "voter suppression" as any questioning of, or opposition
to voter fraud and illegal registrations. This is outrageous and we must fight
these efforts to redefine this phrase for they will only intensify. ACORN and
the like must be very emboldened by the success they had in manipulating
election outcomes. They will be doing more and more in the way of
registering unqualified and fictional people, lobbying for a relaxation of any
law or regulation restricting voting, and entrenching people that share their
view in positions of election authority nationwide. Fighting that is NOT
suppression. It is protecting the sanctity of each legal vote and the system,
Labor Union leaders that use intimidation to try to prevent members from
voting for Republican candidates- now THAT is an example of what voter
suppression really is. The Networks announcing on Election Night that the
election is over- that there is no hope for a Republican victory even though
there are many western states and millions of voters yet to vote- now, THAT
IS VOTER SUPPRESSION on a big scale!

BIPARTISAN: The standard definition of this is relating to or supported by
two bodies, usually two political parties. Although Democrats may contend
that they observe that denotation, their actions reveal their real operating
definition. When they say "Bipartisan", they mean: "You Republicans may
participate in what we are doing, but you may not question, oppose or even
suggest." If a Republican should ever have the unmitigated gall to question,
oppose or even suggest a change to any administration cause, bill or
initiative, then  the Republicans will be deprived of the warm and fuzzy
handle of "Bipartisan" and will then be labeled as using selfish and
obstructive "partisanship". When you hear a Dem or a RINO using the term
"Bipartisan", be afraid. Be very afraid.
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ObamaSpeak: theory and method of communication popularized by 21st
century American President, Barack Obama. Rather than a direct form of
communication based on denotations of words, it is a system of language
speaker might be saying rather than attempting to clarify what the speaker
actually is saying. Example: Obama liked to say he was "not interested in
reinstating the Fairness Doctrine". Those uninitiated in the interpretation of
ObamaSpeak assumed that meant that Obama opposed what the Fairness
Doctrine entailed. They later learned that Obama did seek to silence
dissidence in the media but was more "interested" in avenues other than the
doctrine. When employed properly  ObamaSpeak uses words with general
and multiple meanings and allows the speaker to consistently escape
accusations of lying by constantly re-interpreting their own words.

Czar: originating in Russian, the term described an autocratic ruler. Since that
time it has come to mean a person with great autonomous power. In the past,
United States Presidents have, on rare occasions, appointed individuals
called "Czars" to assist them with special issues or situations beyond the
scope of Cabinet  duties. President Barack Obama took the practice to an
unprecedented  level appointing dozens of Czars that were seemingly
redundant to Cabinet officers. Unlike Cabinet officers, the vast majority of the
said Czars did not require any kind of approval or confirmation. These
individuals answered only to Obama and their powers were not clearly
discernible to Congress or the citizenry. Met with criticism, Obama responded
by discarding the term "Czar" and using different words to describe these
appointees. (see ObamaSpeak).

Racism: a belief that cultural or individual achievement is based in the
differences between races; a belief that one's own race is superior; a hatred
or intolerance for other races. The Obama Administration and Congressional
leadership in the early years of his term utilized the word "racism" or "racist"
with such frequency in response to any criticism or disagreement with their
policies that linguistic experts claimed that there was an attempt to transform
the traditional denotations into a new definition stating that "racism" would
thenceforth refer only to any criticism leveled against the President regardless
of the nature or validity of the criticism. There was widespread opposition to
this effort to redefine the term.

Update on ObamaSpeak: (ObamaSpeak: theory and method of
communication popularized by 21st century American President, Barack
Obama. Rather than a direct form of communication based on denotations of
words, it is a system of language manipulation. ObamaSpeak seeks to give a
general impression of what a speaker might be saying rather than attempting
to clarify what the speaker actually is saying.) When the President is asked
about a topic he does not like or wishes to be denied any importance he
tends to use the phrase
"I'm not losing any sleep over it".

Terrorism:: Acts of violence or threats of such intended to intimidate or
coerce an organization, a society or government in order to advance
ideological or political goals, commits acts of terrorism. Many still seem to
struggle with the question as to whether Nidal Hasan, author of the Fort Hood
Massacre can be designated as one. The Administration would fight such
designation. Unfortunately they'd be wrong. If Hasan just stood up and started
shooting without much warning he might just have "snapped" as Obama said.
However there is a long history of the belligerent expression of clear
ideological belief and veiled threats. Hasan's relationships with Islamic
Radicals and Jihadists further supports his terrorist classification. As does the
nature of the act. itself. Hasan did not seek out individuals who had failed to
give him the responses he wanted. It was not like a disgruntled worker
seeking out those he blamed. To the Contrary, Hasan chose a day when he
knew many civilians would be present and he chose his attack scene as one,
not containing those who had wronged him but filled with troops headed for
the war he opposed. Hence, a non-personal, ideologically driven act of
terrorism. It should also be noted that an act of terrorism is indicated by the
action, itself. A terrorist can be sane or insane and still be a terrorist.

We reject the term: "MAINSTREAM MEDIA". Mainstream implies that it is
representative of MOST of the American people. The older major networks,
most of the older newspapers, the wire services and the like have no right to
this connotation. They make no effort to speak of or to most people. They are
driven by a prepackaged liberal, political agenda that is anything but
The preferred term is "THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA".
This engenders an image closer to the truth- stodgy, passé', close-minded
and irrelevant.

Lobbyist: defined as someone who seeks to influence politicians. Obama
spits this word out in connection with John McCain as if it were the most
repugnant of slurs. There are evil lobbyists, there are also good lobbyists-
people who work for worthy causes or who legitimately seek legislative help
for a business or industry. How hypocritical of Obama. He has worked closely
and openly with lobbyists, representing his favorite causes such as Planned
Parenthood. He promised to allow the nation's community organizations to
meet with him to tell him what they want his agenda to be. That would make
them all lobbyists!

A term that liberals love to bandy about is
How genteel-sounding, yet how completely bogus. Liberals
established this term and have foisted it upon our society to provide cover for
a variety of activities ranging from facilitating sexual activity for a minor child to
killing an infant that survived an abortion... No longer will we tolerate the use
of this term..

Reproductive Rights? Yes, a woman in America does have the right to
reproduce (no matter how ill-advised that may be). As long as she and the
father meet legal requirements of age, relationship and sanity-Yes, indeedie,
she has the right to reproduce. However, once she does reproduce, that is to
say that biologically, the egg and sperm have conjoined thereby producing an
offspring, Then, at that point the woman has fulfilled her right to reproduce.
Her "reproductive rights" then become totally moot and cease to exist. Her
reproductive rights are supplanted by the rights of the child. Like others in our
society too young, too old, too injured or too infirm to care for themselves, this
child has the right to care, to protection and to survival.

The correct term: "A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO REPRODUCE"- no more, no
less. Do not allow others to hide behind the use of "woman's reproductive
rights". It is false and ambiguous.

A recommended spelling change: NewsWEEK magazine is clearly in
error. It should be

COOL. Definition: A Conservative.
The Attack of the LabelMakers:  

For decades the Liberals have been the owners of the
communication labelmaker. They are the first to slap a
label on something and the most effective and
determined at disseminating that label to the
American people Sadly, Conservatives are always
reacting- always responding- always at a

This unfortunate situation remains unchanged. President
Trump's Executive Order concerning travel from selected
terrorist nations is an excellent case in point.
On FOX News' Sunday media analysis show with Howard
Kurtz, Kurtz interviewed sports pundit Will Leitch. During
that interview Leitch twice referred to the Executive order
as "the Muslim Ban". Kurtz did not challenge this label.

The order can be heard described that way or as a "travel
ban" in every news outlet. That is not what the order is. It is
neither being properly labeled  nor its intent properly

This has happened with very little effort on the parts of
Liberal;s or their puppet media because the Trump
Administration left a gaping void for them to fill. Team
Trump did not release their own catchy, succinct label for
the order. It should have been called a "Temporary
Suspension of Travel in Lieu of improved Vetting". This
label should have been used immediately and repeated
again and again and again. Bloggers should have been
relentlessly hammering the terminology. Citizens should
have been constantly correcting an incorrect label.

Along with the right label, other succinct descriptions of the
Oder should have been disseminated. For example
everyone in America should know that the nations
earmarked for this order were so not only because they
are hospitable to terror but because these nations do not
provide much data for vetting from their ends. Whether or
not people from these nations have already committed
=-acts of terror is NOT the deciding factor. Everyone
should now what to call this order and its true intent- but
nobody does. This is our fault- the result of being
reactionary and not proactive on the communication

This about marketing and branding. If we want to win this
war we must take control of the labelmaker.