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By S.J. Murphy
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I’m smart enough to be scared- and today I am. Those who seek to annihilate the American
way of life are very smart. They are relentless, unhindered by moral scruples, and clever
masters of misdirection.
They point to COVID 19 with flowery and dramatic gesture- but it is just the distraction. They
are actually playing a much bigger game with huge stakes.
Behind the theater of COVID debates lurks their ultimate goal- to completely transform the way
we think about health and safety and risk.
Only a few months ago we viewed ourselves and the world around us in a completely different
way. We understood that we share our planet with an invisible microscopic world. We knew
that some microscopic organisms are beneficial- even necessary to our survival- with some we
simply co-exist- and some threaten us with disease and death. We knew that we must handle
the threat with common sense and then- keep on living.
We knew that life on this planet is fraught with dangers and risks- big and small.
Just a few months ago we understood that we could get struck by lightning, fall off the swing
set, drown in rushing water, get hit by a car or die in an infinite number of ways. We all
understood that death and illness waited. We could die of an allergic reaction, or a heart
attack, we could get cancer or we could catch a dangerous pathogen. We knew all of that and
yet we still got dressed and went outside. We accepted the risks to health and safety that
come with life on planet Earth. We found the courage of ordinary days to face the dangers of
ordinary life.
That was a few months ago. Now I see a devastating change happening.
Football team owners declare that spectators cannot be permitted into stadiums until there
can be a guarantee that nobody will get sick.  Really? Such a thing is not even possible.
Viruses mutate. They adapt. In one form or another this virus will always be with us. Maybe a
safe vaccine will be found- but even then a guarantee that everyone will be safe from illness is
The Democrat Speaker of the House condemns those who want schools open for subjecting
children to risk, stating children should never encounter risk. Think about how unrealistic that
concept is.
This is not just magical thinking- it’s dangerous. We all want to protect our children. We also
want them to thrive. There will always be a risk of a child catching an illness for another but
without that risk-laden interaction they will not thrive.
In life there will always be risk. That basic concept is being lost today. More and more of us are
being sucked into a dangerous delusion. We are allowing ourselves to be persuaded that total
safety is possible. We are beginning to believe that we can be completely safe if we allow the
government to provide that for us.
Can the government guarantee our safety forever? There will be more viruses- some more
deadly- some less. Will we cease to live until the government gives us permission to do so?
This is the time to remember how to exist on this planet. This is the time for us to reclaim self-
determination. This is the time to fight against the delusion of government-provided health and
If we do not, the American way of life will crumble.
Creativity and productivity will fade away as we compliantly follow any dictate that promises to
keep us “safe”. Docile and timid, we will be exactly what the authoritarian left intends us to be.