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By S J. Murphy
Red Hot Frog Alert!
By S J. Murphy
Unsolicited Tips for Trump-
By S J. Murphy
The recent flap about Trump, the Russians and treason is one of the sillier
manufactured issues I;ve seen. Yet, it is developing some legs.
When Trump was accused of inviting Russia to hack Hillary, thereby inviting a
foreign power to interfere in our elections, Trump's response was that he was only
being sarcastic was weak and ill-advised.

Firstly, one clear, concise statement should be coming from Camp Trump over and
over again- Trump did not even talk about hacking- did not suggest it at all. He only
talked about finding email that were hacked in the past. Big Difference,

Trump should say: " Many, many intelligence experts have said that it is
extremely likely that Hillary's very low security emails were hacked by
foreign entities, such as Russia. I may have been a bit tongue in check but
there is a serious issue here. I think it would be great if Russia- or
whomever hacked Hillary's Secretary of State emails would share the
33,000 that she deleted. Why not? She said they were unimportant. There
is no national security issue. However, I think it is wrong that any foreign
power might have access to information that was denied to the American
people. And it is ridiculous to think I'd suggest anyone hack Hillary. I'm
doing everything in my power to make sure she never again is in a
position to be dealing with this sensitive information. I don't want her
hacked- I want her insignificant to hackers."
Sometimes something tried and true works
best. I find the old fable of the boiling frog
still does the job better than anything else.
A frog plunged into boiling water will
immediately die while a frog submerged in
cold water will not notice slowly rising
temperatures and so will not jump out it
time before being boiled.
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One of the most disturbing things today is the stiffling of dissent. We've seen  a
college providing "safe spaces" to for students traumatized by the Republican
Convention. We've seen Geraldo Rivera abused by a crowd at the Democrat
Convention, unwilling to listen to him, rejecting what he had to say out of hand
because he works for FOX. And we are witnessing efforts by Democrats to make

I have laughed and riduled  this tendency to "wimpiness". But it is actually more
terrifying than funny. Too many among us- too many in leadership are nudging us
into a society where one [oint of view is acceptable and anything thing else is
Feeling the heat yet?
The Dismantling of Local Police Forces-
Random Anarchy or Part of a Bigger Plan?
Comment Below

powerful, well-armed security force.

I remeber thing at the time that it sounded redundunt to existing police.

Well, it would be. That's why it is so essential to Obama and company that local
police forces fold because officers are under attack and new recruits no where to
be found.
People are angry because they think Obama is not supporting local law
enforcement because of his own personal foibles. I contend that his actions are
not personal- not emotional but a strategy coldly implemented.
If racial disunity is discouraged and if it leads to anti-police actions, then the plan
is moving to fulfillment.

If local law enforcement cannot protect because officers are being shot like fish in
a barrel, then Obama or Hillary will be forced to implement their plan. We will have
a national law enforcement body. They will not work for the people. They will work
for DC. And you can bet they will be well-armed and tremendous efforts will be
continuing to make sure the rest of us are not.
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Don't Let 'Em Hack Your Strategy
Obama On the Trail
Obama has never acted as a President in the traditional sense as much as he has
acted as the national head of the Democrat Party. So, I'm sure nobody is particularly
surprised at Obama's unprecedented behavior as a "Campaigner in Chief".

Of course it is another betrayal of the people- using the people's Air Force One for
Campaigning- transforming presidential addresses here and abroad into Hillary

Trump should only respond to Obama's involvement with amusement.
Trump should say; "Let's all be happy that Obama is everywhere
campaigning for Hillary! This is a good thing. The less time Obama is in
Washington, the less harm he can do to the rest of us!"
DePaul University's barring of conservative speaker Ben Shapiro only highlights the
crisis in America's Colleges. Although DePaul claims their actions are based in a fear
of unrest, the deeper issue is the current culture to silence dissidence. This goes far
beyond the totalitarian imposing of one point of view by administrators and faculty.
Students are not only not being taught critical thinking- critical thinking is also openly
discouraged. Beyond that, rather than teaching young students how to express their
own beliefs while respecting those of others, most colleges and universities are  to
refuse to even hear a differing voice. Moreover, they provide the poor little darlings
with support and counseling when the accidentally hear something at variance from
what they've been taught.

So this is what the college system is offering us for future leadership?

People who will crumble in the board room is someone disagrees?

People who would be unable to deal with customers and associates who see things

Potential workers who cannot formulate an opinion not spoon fed to them by others?

This not acceptable. Lets start looking at this from a business point of view.

If America's university and college system is failing to provide the leadership we need,
then we better look elsewhere. Perhaps its time that businesses look for intelligent high
school graduates and offer them unbiased education through their employment.

If colleges and universities are no longer tied to profitability of graduates- then things
will change. I hate to suggest this but those few students who do think critically must
fight from the inside.

There it is in a nutshell- stop hiring people from this ridiculous, anti free expression

I know one thing about the sanctimonious liberals who run such institutions- their
principles tend t disappear when the dollar signs do.

Spread the word and if you know of any examples of outrageous college or university
action, let us know!

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