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Posted By S. J. Murphy
It Is Now "Law of the Land". Oh, Really?
The other day I was having a drink with a Democrat friend. He was quite agitated about
"Why don't you Republicans quit your whining and face the fact that you lost. You can do
absolutely nothing! ObamaCare is the Law of the Land now!', he wailed.

I answered (probably wailing, too). "Why didn't anybody tell Lincoln when he freed the Slaves that
he couldn't do that because the laws allowing slavery were the "Laws of the Land". Why didn't
Lincoln know that a law could never be overturned."

"And don't tell me that because the Supreme Court ruled on a case concerning ObamaCare, it is
irretrievably the Law of the Land. Previous bad decisions from SCOTUS did not save slavery from
repeal. What about laws that allowed Segregation? Once the Law of the Land, those laws  are no
more- because they were bad."
Posted By S. J. Murphy
Redskins Change Name? Pure Idiocy
I see that the uberliberal arbiters of political correctness are at it again.

Operating on the assumption that America is an evil kingdom in which even good acts are rooted in
bad intent, these folks see only insult to Native Americans in the names of some sports teams.
Ridiculous! Who names sports team? Nine times out of ten, that task is performed by little boys- little
boys from grade school to retirement age.
President Obama is obviously resentful that he has been forced to take some of his valuable time to
make a stab at ObamCare repair.
Repair is simply not his shtick. He’s the kind who barks out an order and moves on to his next
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Posted  By S. J. Murphy
Obama the Fixer? I doubt it.
Posted  By S J. Murphy
Rush: Requesting a Change in Terminology
Limbaugh listeners are familiar with the phrase "the chickification of America."

I'm a chick-albeit a conservative chick- and I find of late that this offends my delicate sensibilities.
Partisan White House and GOP Leaders
Share a Surprising Obsession
Posted  By S J. Murphy
I see a similarity in what passes for leadership in the Republican Party and our President. This is
both distressing and illuminating.

Obama declares that he has "a pen and a phone" and will use them to "get things done". It may
cross the line to the unconstitutional usurping of legislative powers but that seems to be insignificant  
compared to the fact that such actions WILL GET THINGS DONE!

Super Bowl Musings
Posted  By S J. Murphy
I am a female who really likes the violent display that is football.

Yet, I make no claim at expertise. The X's and O's are much like hieroglyphics to me. But I know what I
saw on Super Bowl Sunday and I know why the Broncos crumbled.

In the days leading up to the big game, many remarked to me about Payton Manning's intensity and
workmanlike approach. We saw that serious, somber attitude in Manning and his entire team on Sunday.
What started out as a quarterback's admirable work ethic evolved into  the downfall of a team

Manning obviously forgot that football is a sport. He completely forgot to have fun.

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Red Hot Frog Alert!
Posted  By S J. Murphy
Sometimes something tried and true works best. I find the old fable of the boiling frog still does the job
better than anything else. A frog plunged into boiling water will immediately die while a frog submerged
in cold water will not notice slowly rising temperatures and so will not jump out it time before being boiled.

I see us all as a people, but most particularly Republican Congressional leaders in the beaker of once
cold water. These guys think the water might be a just a tad warmer but they aren't sure. The
increments in heat are coming so frequently that our floating leaders seemed to be totally unaware that
they are well on their way to being boiled alive.

There is proof today. ObamaCare begin with an effrontery to liberty in personal and business mandates.
Yet our leaders swam contentedly and gave disapproving looks to frogs on the outside who tried to
break the glass. Since then, 26 executive order "adjustments" had occurred with each one ticking up the
water temperature. Still our floating leaders still feel pretty comfortable.

Today we know that more major "adjustments" have been made by the President to his law. American
businesses are now under the thumb of the President's enforcers, the IRS. They have been forbidden
to fire or reduce size of workforces because of ObamaCare.

The Federal Government has no right to control the hiring practices of a private business.

This in intolerable! But Where's the real outrage? Our leaders should be storming the White House and
demanding the restoration of our liberty. They should be aggressively seeking to repeal this monstrosity.

But no. There are bland expressions of disagreement but
nothing that befits this "Stop the Presses!" moment.

Instead our leaders remain complacent in their warm bath,
soothed by the smiles of the President and his Democrat
cronies as they slowly and surely raise the heat.
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OOO. Obama Really Does Fear the Fox!
Posted  By S J. Murphy
Obama's attitude toward Fox News has become crystallized.

I've worked with many candidates. Even those running for local offices learn early that a free press can
be antagonistic- even brutal. Candidates learn early that being asked difficult questions- even being
attacked by the media is part of the job description.

Certainly, we all want fairness and we do what we can to secure it. But whining is bad form. There's no
crying in politics!

And yet we saw across from O'Reilly a man who has run for and won the highest office in the land
without learning the lesson every City Councilman knows- the Press does not exist to do your bid
ding. If
you can't stand the heat get out of politics.

We saw a man who has been spoiled rotten by a large faction of the American media so driven to
support their political agenda and the President that promotes it that they have abdicated the cannons
of Journalism. Not only does this President seldom even receive a challenging question, he can rely on
the media to protect him from criticism- to deflect any attention from his mistakes- to denigrate those
oppose him- and to promote his chosen message on any given day. There are few members of the
media not engaged in this dance. The notable standout is FOX News.

The President could not conceal his surprise at not being coddle
d as he is elsewhere. But behind the
Obama's perennially sardonic expression, I saw not mere annoyance. I saw fear.

He should be afraid. For not only does FOX insist on covering Washington with journalistic integrity, they
are top rated.

Obama likes to think of himself of master of all he purveys. Rebellious and independent foxes on the
landscape must be a terrifying sight indeed.

Soon, henchman Eric Holder will be called upon to try again to silence the FOX.  In fact, here at THE
COOL CONSERVATIVE, we hear that a secret offer is being floated by ComCast that their highly
questionable merger with Time Warner will, indeed be approved if they agree not to carry FOX News.
We can only hope that this is merely a wild rumor.
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The Despicable Demonizing of Shirley
Temple Black Serves as a Warning
Posted  By S J. Murphy
With the death of Shirley Temple Black,  America lost a treasure. But because she was a registered
Republican, much of the liberal puppet media has decided that she is fair game for trashing. They have
called her a racist and ridiculed and devalued her body of theatrical work and completely ignored a
significant career in diplomacy.

This was a hardworking, intelligent, successful woman. The cries of racism are absurd. Anyone who
knows entertainment history knows that she had a close relationship with frequent co-star, black actor
Bill Robinson. Anyone who knows about international politics knows that Temple Black was a much loved
figure in Africa due to her very successful tenure as Ambassador to Ghana. She doesn't need me to
defend her life.

But perhaps I am needed to point out that the denigration of this fine person is a grave warning to us all.
It is a signal of what is to come.- widespread persecution.

The persecution of Republicans in this country is beginning and will be growing. In pre-Obama America,
the media would have a least made an attempt at being respectful at the death of an elderly actress. In
ObamaWorld, all Republicans are villains and undeserving of respect.

Persecution may be a strong word, but the recent actions of the IRS, alone, prove that persecution has,
indeed, begun. We must be on alert and push back hard any time we see Republicans receiving hostile
treatment  based on that registration.

Of course, key in any program of persecution, is the ability to quickly identify targets. Voter registration
information is more and more accessible in this digital age. I predict that this will expand dramatically-
and in some disturbing ways. I believe that the incongruous inclusion of voter registration in medical fact
gathering in ObamaCare will inevitably lead to access of voter history. Once the uberpartisan federal
government has this ability, healthcare will be used as a weapon to keep Republicans and
Conservatives in line. The punitive clout of the IRS will also be used for such purposes on an enormous

Further, one of the most disturbing things about Common Core Curriculum is that it builds a database of
family behavior far beyond what educators would require. Once this program takes hold, the
uberpartisan federal government will have yet another source of data through which to identify and
target gun owners, registered Republicans, Tea Party participants, Conservative activists an the like. I
am not a conspiracy theorist. I am an observer of patterns.
Step back and you will see this pattern, too.

Very shortly, it will be commonplace for not just the prominent,
but all Republicans and Conservatives to be ridiculed and
insulted in all manner of public places and gatherings.

Soon, we will see that the way Shirley Temple Black was
savaged on her death was not an aberration-  but a blueprint.
Shirley Temple Black
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FCC Back-Down Only Temporary.
Posted  By S J. Murphy
It is far too late for subtle and polite conversation. The ultraleft, totalitarian axis wants to extinguish the
beacon of freedom, which has up to this point been the United States.

They are not attacking us with massive bombs- they are attacking us in a different way. We each look
around and see only a few deep but small wounds in our field of vision. But if we were able to see the
whole, we'd see that we were being attacked  with a million ice picks on a million fronts. We will die
more slowly than by a WMD- but we will surely die.

Consider the recent revelation that the FCC plans to invade America's newsrooms to make sure that
the "under-served"segments of the society are given vital information. We think that the wounds from
this threat of government media control are not that serious because the FCC delayed their plan. Here
are a few things to think about.

Neither this Administration or the ultraleft  that backs it has ever given up completely on one of their
agenda items. Not one. Not ever. This will be no different. They may alter it, rename it  or dress it up
but it will happen.

There is no doubt in my mind that the "under-served " segment will be illegal immigrants. The changes
in programing that will be enforced will result in a persuasion to all audiences that amnesty and the
granting of voting rights to illegals is the only moral choice. At that point, fair elections will cease to exist
and the FCC monitors could then go home- their mission accomplished.

Is anybody asking about the expense of this study? Mr. Obama likes to talk about the inequitably poor
in this nation. How about giving that money to them? The hundreds of millions that this is sure to cost
could feed a lot of people for a long time. Hypocrisy, anyone?

This move toward PRAVDA AMERICA is focused on clear objectives.

The fact that the FCC called off the dogs for the time being is insignificant to me. The fact that they
planned it is.
WE MUST DE-FUND THE FCC immediately and replace it
with a streamlined, apolitical licencing bureau.
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